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Lorna Courtney

Tony-nominated actress, singer, dancer, model & coach

About Me:

Hey, there! Thanks so much for checking out my page. My name is Lorna Courtney. And yes, that's my actual, real name. I know I have 2 first names, weird! Lol. I am a New Yorker through and through from Jamaica, Queens. Nicki Minaj went to my high school, but not at the same time. Yay LaGuardia! My favorite food is anything healthy, but I also have a sweet tooth for Van Leeuwen vegan ice cream. If I could marry it, I would...kidding! My favorite flick is The Matrix and my whenever I need a good laugh at 3' clock in the morning, I watch funny Facebook and Youtube videos. Lately it's been Hey Steve, or some good ol' pranks. Because, why not!? Life's too short... :)

Oh yeah! And I was a musical theatre major at The University of Michigan. Go Blue!! <3

Keep scrolling down to learn some more about me. :)

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